What budgeting apps are available that really do the job that is worth getting? Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys four budgeting apps that not only helped me manage my monthly budget, track our expenses, but just kind of make life so much easier.

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So these are the four budgeting apps that I use on a regular basis. I always go to them and best of all, they’re free!!

Now, I have an iPhone, so honestly I only know of one of the apps that I will be mentioning that is good for Android users. However, you can look into that. I’m sorry, but I’m just an avid iOS, Apple girl.

#1 – The Simple Budget Envelope app

Now how I use this app is I keep track of all of my sinking funds.

Options for you if you don’t want to keep track of your sinking funds, an option for you is if you are a cash user, you can track your spending right here on this app. And I think it’s just a great way for when you go to the store and you hand over your $20 for whatever the purchase, you can go ahead and click into the envelope and you can deduct it right on there by just putting in the dollar amount and just clicking subtract. I just think it’s really nice and it’s not bad looking.

#2 Balance My Checkbook app.

What is nice about this app is that up at the top, it tells you what your bank balance is.

I am a cashless budgeter. However, when I was a cash budgeter, I still used this app in conjunction with my cash envelopes.

Now, here is how I use this app:
When we write up our paycheck budget we allocate a specific dollar amount for upcoming bills. So we’re separating a specific dollar amount so that way in the future, we can pay for that bill. That way it’s not overwhelming.

Once you’re finished creating your paycheck budget you can enter those amount right on this app. This is a great way for you to track what has come out of your bank account. And it allows you to know what not to spend, what you don’t have available. I really like that feature.

One thing that you could do, if you like the features of this app, you can upgrade and add other accounts, and it gives you access to different things. But I only have the free option and it is perfect for how we manage our budget and track everything. I love this app. It’s great for my operating household operating account, and that’s how we use it.

#3 the EveryDollar app.

How we use it is we plan out for the month.

What is our projection?
How much do we think we’re going to make for that month? Meaning what do we actually got to spend?

As a single income household, it’s a very vital for us to project a low income because my husband, his job, it kind of fluctuates, and sometimes we’ll have high months, sometimes we’ll have low months. So planning out what the income is, is vital. But also figuring out what the bills are. So we have our fixed bills, like our rent. We have the variable bills, like gas and other random spending. And so, we plug in those numbers right on here.

It’s very user-friendly.

#4 is the Fudget app.

It’s very similar to the Balance My Checkbook app. There are a few differences, but how I use this is to just manage and track my accounts, what I’m responsible for.

So my husband and I, we do something called divide and conquer. It’s a system that Jordan Page has mentioned, and he’s responsible for certain things that happen in our house. And I’m also responsible for groceries, making sure that we have household items, cleaning supplies, medical, and then my business account. So I have three accounts here that I track, which is my personal account, my business account, and then our health savings account. And what’s nice about this is the fact that I can add more than one bank account to track, versus the Balance My Checkbook app, you have to upgrade if you want to add multiple bank accounts to manage and track.

Now, each app plays a vital role in our personal finances and managing our budget.

To manage our monthly budget, we use the app EveryDollar.

To track our sinking funds, we use the simple budget Envelope app.

Tracking our bills, what’s been paid, how much money we had earned and staying on track with our accounts, with our main account, we use Balance My Checkbook.

To track my personal spending I use the Fudget app.

So those are the four budgeting apps that I really think is user-friendly, is worth it and can help you track and manage your finances. I actually use these on a regular and I don’t see myself using any other app now.

You can just use one of the apps and not all, but I personally like using all four combined because each one plays a specific role. I’m curious to know what budgeting apps you use, if you use a paid-for version, which one and why do you think it’s worth it? And let us know in the comments down below.

If I didn’t have these apps, I don’t know what I would be doing and how I would be tracking our finances.

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