Hey everyone! Today i am going to be walking you guys through our July monthly budget. In hopes you can create your budget along with me.

Step 1
is writing everything down in your budget calendar.

Step 2 is to map out your bill tracker

Step 3 is create your month or your paycheck budget

I always would say try living within percentages. For us our goal is to live within 70% of what our income is. This is what physically enters into our bank account.

If you are in debt you might want to have that be 80% of your income.

We do tithe 10% of our income, that is a part of our lifestyle. It’s just something that we always have felt the need to do, give to our church.

Lastly, we have our goal which is saving 20% for sinking funds and other savings accounts. If you have debt you can apply that percentage towards debt.

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